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FY18 Carl Perkins Supplemental Grants

Carl Perkins FY18 Supplemental Grant Requirement Documents are now available for all eligible recipients at the link below:

FY18 Carl Perkins Supplemental Grants Website

Below you will find a short description of the available grants for the coming fiscal year.

Disability Services: 

Many times students with disabilities do not receive the extra support needed for success in the classroom as well as a successful transition to a technology center, post-secondary education/training, and/or employment.  This grant can be used to help support Oklahoma career and technology education students with varying types of disabilities to explore career options and for transition support into post-secondary education/training levels as well as employment.  This grant can help schools implement transition programs and/or other support strategies to assist in the provision of transferable skill sets to students regarding the attainment of meaningful employment and becoming productive members of society.

High Growth and Emerging Technologies

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education supports the development and implementation of high-tech, high-wage Career Academies, Programs of Study and relevant activities that support and align with local, state, and global industry existing and emerging workforce needs.  The Career Academies, Programs of Study and relevant activities should embrace rigorous academic and technical learning activities.

Recruiting Students to Non Traditional Careers:
In order for students to reflect upon the full range of careers available to them, no career should be left off due to gender. Students in Oklahoma should be able to choose careers based on their interests, skills, and abilities, rather than based on gender stereotypes.  Students need an awareness of nontraditional careers, motivation to further explore nontraditional careers, and the development of skills to pursue career opportunities within the nontraditional areas.  This grant is intended to provide organizations/entities means to provide strategies to recruit and retain male and/or female students in non-traditional career majors.  (Nontraditional occupations are defined as those for which individuals from one gender comprise less than 25 percent of the individuals employed in each such occupation or field of work.)

Career Guidance and Advisement

Career development is an educational program designed to assure individuals know how to make career choices and create education plans to prepare themselves for those careers.  The program ensures individuals make informed career decisions based on facts.  Career development is based upon the tenet that individuals who have career maturity make better career choices and have a better sense of the education plans needed to reach their career goals, including entrepreneurship.  Career maturity is when an individual has personal insight into the process of and readiness for making career choices.  It is NOT the process of choosing a specific career or job.  Career Development programs assist students in defining career pathways that prepare them for high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand occupations.

All supplemental grant applications are due May 1, 2017.

Applications are required to be submitted through the CTIMS system by the above deadline. Failure to correctly submit grant documents will not qualify applicants for an extension of that deadline.


As always if you need any assistance please email or call!


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