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CTIMS Tips 2.1

Here are a few tips for CTIMS originally posted in our August 2016 Perkins Blog

What’s in a name?
Since the start of 2017 there are a number of ODCTE staff working to provide CTIMS technical assistance in several areas.  Please remember to include the name of your school / institution in your EMAIL subject line so we may provide you with the right staff person for your needs.

CareerTech Regional Coordinators
Partnering with the Perkins Administration office in an even greater capacity than before are the ODCTE Regional Coordinators.  To find the RC for your area, click on this link and scroll down to see their contact information.

FAQs and Training Tutorial Updates
We are working on upgrading our online tutorials to match the revisions and enhancements made to CTIMS over the past six months.  We should have those tutorials ready to post to the Perkins web page toward the end of February (or before).

Getting it in writing
EMAIL is a great way to contact us.  It provides the responses to your questions in writing, allows us to identify and troubleshoot common concerns and problems, and ultimately improve our technical assistance and training opportunities.

Accessing CTIMS through the correct browser
Use Internet Explorer version 11 or higher ONLY.  Not Chrome.  Not Edge.  Not Safari, or AOL, Netscape, Firefox, Sea Monkey, or Opera.  Check with your local IT staff if you need assistance installing or locating Internet Explorer.

So…who am I right NOW?
CTIMS is a single-sign on system.  Some users have more than one CTIMS role, but not all roles have the same privileges.  When accessing any of your CTIMS accounts, choose the correct user role from the drop down list found in the top right corner under your greeting / email address.

Using the print feature
When you are logged in to your CTIMS Worksheet, Agreement, or Invoice, click on the Summary button for the feature (Worksheet, Agreement, Invoice) you are in, then click on the Diskette icon and choose the document type you prefer.  (The Word option provides a good, editable format that you can save to your computer.)

As always, please contact us if we can assist you in any way.


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