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FY15 Carl Perkins Supplemental Grants

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.  -- Walt Disney


Carl Perkins FY15 Supplemental Grant Requirement Documents are now available for all eligible recipients at the link below:

FY15 Carl Perkins Supplemental Grants Website


Below you will find a short description of the available grants for the coming fiscal year.

Moving from Programs of Study to Rigorous Programs of Study 
The Moving from Programs of Study to Rigorous Programs of Study grant is intended to support local schools/consortiums in improving the quality of career and technical education instruction provided to secondary and post-secondary students. The grant promotes and improves local development and implementation of Rigorous Programs of Study. It also assesses the impact of student participation in career and technical education programs of study that link secondary and post-secondary education, combining academic and career and technical education in a structured sequence of courses, offering students opportunities to earn post-secondary credits for courses taken in high school and leading to post-secondary credentials, certificates or degrees as outlined in the Rigorous Programs of Study Design Framework.

High Growth and Emerging Technologies
The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education supports the development and implementation of high-tech, high-wage Career Academies, Career Majors or relevant activities that support and align with local, state, and national industry existing and emerging workforce needs.  The Career Academies, Career Majors or relevant activities should embrace rigorous academic and technical learning activities.

Summer Academic Enhancement Program
Oklahoma Career and Technology Education supports school improvement initiatives aimed at the development and implementation of Summer Academic Enhancement Programs to help students in grades 7-11 who need additional instruction to succeed in high school.

Oklahoma Career and Technology Education supports the implementation of Tech-Now classes for students with varying types of disabilities to explore careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).  Tech-Now, Inc. is an organization whose purpose is to implement statewide High School/High Tech (HS/HT) programs.

Career Guidance and Advisement
Oklahoma Career and Technology Education supports Guidance and counseling programs that offer students strategies to clearly define career pathways for opportunities to prepare them for high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand occupations.  For students to successfully progress through the educational system to succeed in the workforce, more intensive guidance and counseling services are needed to help students improve their career and post-secondary readiness rate.  A guidance and counseling program should be comprehensive and developmental in design.  A comprehensive guidance and counseling program is delivered systematically and facilitates student academic development, career development and personal/social development.

As always please feel free to contact us with any questions!



Gateway to Technology Supplemental Grant Opens!

"No idea is so antiquated that it was not once modern. No idea is so modern that it will not someday be antiquated." -  Ellen Glasgowe


FY15 Gateway to Technology Supplemental Grant Opens

Oklahoma Career and Technology Education supports school improvement efforts aimed at middle school transitions and increasing academic rigor and student achievement.  The Gateway To Technology (GTT) curriculum provides project-based learning for the full range of students in grades six, seven and eight classrooms. The curriculum relates technology to students’ daily lives and promotes communication and collaboration by emphasizing a teaming approach in the instructional units.  GTT incorporates the national standards of the following professional organizations in the content of its program:
  •  The National Academy of Sciences
  • The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics;
  • The International Technology Engineering Education Association
  • The National Council of Teachers of English.

 Interested schools should read the grant requirements document located at the link below.  If you feel that your school meets the qualifications established within the grant documentation please contact Sara Wright with the STEM Division at the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education for further information:

Gateway to Technology Supplemental Grant Requirements Link



*The Federal Legislation office is currently in the process of moving office locations, please be patient as we transition to our new location within the Oklahoma State Department of Career and Technology Education!



 As always if we can be of any assistance please let us know!





A Change of the Seasons:

This fall has to be one of my favorite in Oklahoma, with the trees turning brilliant colors and the temperatures residing in the 60's and 70's it is the type of change you can really see and appreciate!

The State Department of Career and Technology Education has begun to undergoing changes that we would like to share with all of our educational partners. 

1.   The ODCTE is in the process of changing its email system, adopting the Office of Management  and Enterprise Services statewide email exchange system.

Our new email architecture will be:


Please update your address book with our new email addresses.

2.0  State Director Monday Memo’s for October:
Our new State Director of Career and Technology Education, Dr. Robert Sommers has been publishing Monday memos to share information and update stakeholders.

 If you would like to read these memo's he has been publishing them as a weekly blog located at the link below: 

There is information on the reorganization of the State Department of Career and Technology Education in this month’s memos, if you have questions please feel free to email or call.



FY13 Claims Deadline and FY14 Application Approval Updates

Good Afternoon!

This will be short and sweet as the FLA office is busy working to close out FY13, while also working to get FY14 off to a running start!

First up:  Claims Deadline!


If you have not claimed against these funds you have 8 work days left to do so!

Below is the link to the Impact claims processing system:


Next Up:  FY14 Carl Perkins Application Approvals

The Federal Legislation Assistance Division will be starting to review applications this week.

We hope that by having three individuals approving applications that the time to complete this process will be greatly reduced.

If you have not completed the FY14 application below is a link to the website: 


No FY14 Carl Perkins Funds can be spent until you receive the official approval letter from the Federal Legislation Assistance division of ODCTE.

As always if we can be of any assistance please let us know!



FY14 Carl Perkins Allocations have been checked and balanced now posted for your use!

It is amazing how time flies in a given school year, it seems like yesterday the Federal Legislation Assistance (FLA) staff were running audit checks for FY13 allocations!

As the FY13 fiscal year comes to a close it always seems as there are not enough minds, hands, or time to accomplish all that needs to be done.  Some how through all the road blocks and difficulties Oklahoma gets it done, and we are proud of all the work each of you do in your schools helping to mold the minds of the next generation year in and year out.

Now on with the show!

FY14 Carl Perkins Allocations have been mailed to each eligible recipient school superintendent.  These notifications are due back to the Federal Legislation Assistance Division by June 14 2013.

If you have not received your allocation notice in the mail you may go to our website linked below, where there are blank allocation and options forms that you can fill out from the allocation listings above.


As you know since the Carl Perkins allocation formula is based off your districts census data, student enrollment, and Pell/BIA data (post-secondary) school allocations can vary from year to year.  If you have a question concerning why your allocation changed please feel free to give the FLA Division a call and we will be glad to discuss the formula data the resulted in your schools specific allocation.

If you are a fiscal agent of a consortium or cooperative, please collect your member school's allocation and options notifications and mail us your original signed notification and copies of the member school notifications.  If you are eligible to stand alone (15,000 base allocation for secondary, 50,000 base allocation for post secondary recipients) please mail your original signed copy to the FLA Division at the address below:

Federal Legislation Assistance Division
Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education
1500 W. Seventh Avenue
Stillwater, OK 74074-4364

All stand alone recipients have had their allocation entered into the Impact claims processing website. Local Perkins coordinators will now be able to complete section six of the Carl Perkins application by starting a new Impact grant and setting up their detailed budget for approval.

All consortium or cooperative recipient fiscal agents have had their budgets set using only the fiscal agents allocation, once we receive all participating member allocation and options forms back we will increase the cooperative/consortium allocation to include all member allocation amounts.  This will allow the fiscal agents to start a new grant in the Impact system, add descriptions for your line items, while the fiscal agent school gathers the member participants notifications to send to the FLA office.  Through questions from consortium/cooperative fiscal agents about these allocations, the best practice on developing your grant budget while you wait for the allocation to increase is to establish your line items and place a nominal amount in the unit cost field until the time when your allocation is established.  We understand that this is an inconvenience, however each eligible recipient has the right to withdraw from a consortium or cooperative at this time each year, so we can not establish consortium/cooperative budgets until the allocation notifications have been returned.

As always if there is anything we can do to assist please let us know!



Help us to Recognize our hard working staff.

The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education will host its all-staff meeting June 3. 

This year, in addition to professional development, the agency will recognize employees through the new CareerTech Staff Performance Awards program. The agency will present five awards: Innovation, Customer Focus, Team, Rising Star and Unsung Hero.

The agency is asking customers and stakeholders (agency personnel, field personnel and employees of other agencies with which ODCTE works) to nominate ODCTE staff members they feel deserve recognition. Nominations, which include a short questionnaire about why an employee deserves recognition, can be made at:

Nominations are due May 14

ODCTE values its employees and their customer and stakeholder relationships. 

Thank you for helping recognize deserving CareerTech employees.



FY14 Carl Perkins Basic Grant Application is now Available

We are happy to announce that the FY14 Carl Perkins Basic Grant application is now open.  The deadline for this year's application is June 21, 2013.

Please follow the link below to begin filling out the requirements for funding.

You will use the same pin as in past years to complete this years application and as always if you have forgotten or misplaced this pin please contact your area representative within the Federal Legislation Assistance Division at ODCTE.

Since funding has not been finalized for FY14 please begin to fill out the application based off of an average of your funding levels over the last couple of years, noting any trends that may continue into FY14.  Please keep in mind that Carl Perkins funding is formula based, and can vary from year to year. 

We expect to have our final funding details from the federal office sometime in mid May, and will work quickly to get those numbers out to the field as fast as possible.

As always if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email!