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1st and 2nd Quarter Claims Deadline

For those Perkins Recipients who have received their approval letter please see below:

Please note that the December 31, 2015  deadline to submit first quarter claims (July 1 – September 30) and the deadline for second quarter claims (October 1 – December 31) have been combined and both first and second quarter claims are due by January 29, 2016. 

Please use the claims spreadsheet to submit your claims to

For those Perkins Recipients that are still awaiting approval letters:

The claim deadline will be rolled over to the third quarter claim deadline of April 29, 2016. 


FY16 Perkins Applications Update

Please read the following information carefully as it applies only to specific FY16 Perkins fiscal agents: 

(A) you have expended FY16 Perkins funds for salaries and have not yet received an approval letter. 

(B) you were pre-approved AND have expended FY16 Perkins funds for non-salary purchases and have not yet received an approval letter. 

If either or both of these scenarios apply to you as the fiscal agent district, please email immediately to  

Please know that we are working hard to complete the approval process for ALL recipients as we continue to send letters and revision requests via email to the contacts provided to our office. 

We sincerely appreciate your patience!



FY17 Gateway to Technology Supplemental Grant Application Open

My how time flies!

The deadline to submit an application for the FY17 Gateway To Technology Carl Perkins Supplemental grant is Jan. 29 2016.

If your school is interested in starting a Gateway to Technology program please contact the STEM division at the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. Sara Wright will be happy to discuss the benefits of this excellent program her email address is listed below: 

As always you can also contact Josh in the Federal Legislation Assistance Division and he will also be happy to discuss this grant application with you, his email address is listed below:

You can download the application packet at the website listed below!

Carl Perkins Supplemental Grant Resource Website

As always if there is anything we can do to assist don't hesitate to contact us!



FY16 Perkins Application Reviews Update


The FLA office is wrapping up staff reviews of the FY16 Perkins Local Applications.  Approval Status letters with specific comments will begin to go out via email beginning the week of December 7, 2015 through the end of December.  In some instances, applicants will submit missing required documentation and/or provide additional narrative before full approval is awarded and claims for reimbursement are paid.  


The due date for first quarter claims is now moved to the second quarter due date.  This means all payments made by the fiscal agent by or before December 31, 2014 MUST be claimed by the close of business on January 29, 2015.   Details for submitting those claims will be included in your approval letter.  We will provide additional information regarding the new online claims process as soon as it becomes available.

Thank you for your patience as we work on our new Perkins processes for FY16.



Perkins 9/30/15 Webinar Audio Is Now Available

The AUDIO only portion of our September 30, 2015 Perkins Technical Assistance Webinar is now online and available for listening.

The link is titled SEPTEMBER WEBINAR on our RESOURCES page at

At this time we do not anticipate being able to synch with the video portion.  We hope to have this worked out for additional webinars offered this year.



FY16 Carl Perkins Application PROGRAM OF STUDY Technical Assistance Webinar

The Carl Perkins Program of Study Technical Assistance Online Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, September 30, 2015, at 2:30 p.m.

Accessing this Perkins workshop through AT&T Web Meeting is a two-part process. The first part connects you to the meeting via the Internet. The second part connects you to the meeting via telephone.


NOTE: The first time you use the Web Meeting Service you will need to download the client software. Web Meeting HELP and Software Downloads can be found at: You may also need to temporarily allow Pop-ups.

Once the software download is complete, login to the Web Meeting. (You may need to return to the web site if you performed the download at an earlier web session.)

Enter the MEETING NUMBER  8773361831
Enter the CODE  2623584
Enter your own email address
Enter your name OR the name of your school / institution
Click the SUBMIT button

At the next screen, click on the PARTICIPANT button. (You may need to wait while the Meeting Manager software prepares the session.)


Connect to the Audio Conference portion of the Web Meeting by calling 1-877-336-1831

Enter the access code 2623584#

The Conference Host is Janet Cooper

If you call before the host joins in, you may hear music until the host joins the meeting.

Please plan to connect to the meeting about 5 – 7 minutes (not 20-30) before 2:30pm.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Janet Cooper
Josh Miller
Jeremy Zweiacker


FY16 Perkins Application Due Date

Just a reminder, the due date for the FY16 Perkins Application is October 8, 2015.

As long as it's emailed to no later than any time on October 8, we can review the application.

Following the review we will either (1) approve or (2) reject for corrections which will be due 2 weeks after the rejection.

Please pass this along to your local staff completing the application, and recommend they sign up for the emails from our Perkins Blog