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Update on FY18 Carl Perkins Basic Grant, and Tentative release date for FY19 Carl Perkins Basic Grant

FY18 Carl Perkins Basic Grant.

Just a reminder that once your application is fully approved your next step is to enter your OCAS coding in your budget in the “Agreement” process.  After that step you may then begin to invoice.  If you have any questions regarding the status of your FY18 application, feel free to contact any of the following individuals in the Perkins office:

Debbie Hamble
Carl Perkins Coordinator
(405) 743-5881

Janet Cooper
Carl Perkins Coordinator
(405) 743-5130

Josh Miller
Carl Perkins Coordinator
(405) 743-5401

Stephanie Hodges
Federal Programs Administrative Assistant
(405) 743-5431

Jared Bates, Ph.D.
Federal Programs Manager/State ABE Director
(405) 743-5569

FY19 Carl Perkins Basic Grant

The FY19 Carl Perkins Basic Grant is tentatively expected to be released in March with a due date in May.  The application will be very similar to the FY18 application.  Applicants are expected to provide updates to the FY18 application submitted, including submission of a program of study for each CTE occupational area offered by the recipient.  More information on the deadlines for submission of the FY19 Carl Perkins Basic Grant will come later.  Questions regarding the FY19 basic grant can be directed Jared Bates (   The deadline for applications will be 60 days after release of the application.

As always if there is anything we can do to assist please contact our offices.



Information on Applying for Carl Perkins Supplemental Grants

Gateway to Technology:

The FY19 Gateway to Technology (GTT) grant application has been released on CTIMS and will be due on February 6th, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. 

 If you are planning to apply for the GTT grant please notify the following state staff by email, before January 29th, of your intent to apply:

Instructions for applying may be found at:

High Growth and Emerging Technology, Disability, Non-traditional, and Career Development Grants:

The FY19 Carl Perkins Supplemental Grants for Career Development, High Growth and Emerging Technology, Nontraditional Students, and Disability Services are expected to be released on March 1, 2018 with applications due May 1, 2018.  Instructions will come later for those interested.  Questions regarding these supplemental grants can be directed to Josh Miller (, Jared Bates (


FY18 Carl Perkins Application Approval Status Letters


All FY18 Perkins applications submitted in CTIMS are now fully reviewed.  Approval status letters will begin October 4, 2017 via email to the Local Coordinator, Local Finance, and Local Superintendent / President, and continue at least through the next two weeks.  You may be required to submit additional information prior to a full approval. 






Once the ODCTE administration has completely approved your organization's FY18 Carl Perkins application, the CTIMS system will email the Local Finance Coordinator that the Agreement process is active and ready for OCAS coding and budget adjustments.  Receipt of that email from the CTIMS system is the indicator that your Subaward Funding Agreement/Contract has all the electronic approval signatures added by the CTIMS system for this project.  To access this Contract, please view the instructions linked below:

The instructions above will allow you to either save or print the Contract for your audit records.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Carl Perkins Administration offices.