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FY16 Perkins Funding - brief update

Mailing of the FY16 Perkins Funding Secondary and Postsecondary Allocation and Options notices to secondary schools, technology centers, and qualifying community colleges will begin Monday, June 29, with most schools receiving their notice the next day. 

If you are managing or participating in a Perkins consortium or coop, please share this information with your districts.

Beginning with the week of July 6 we anticipate three workshop options - two offsite and one video-conference.

We’ll provide specific dates, times, locations, and other FY16 timelines as soon as they are confirmed, and are still anticipating an August 1 date to open the FY16 online application with a due date of 5pm on September 11.

As always, please contact Janet or Josh if you have questions or need technical assistance.



Closing Out FY15 Perkins Claims and Budgets



Please be aware that the following timelines will be enforced for the submission of technology center, comprehensive school, and college/university FY15 Perkins claims for payment:

August 14, 2015:  ABSOLUTE LAST DATE to submit FY15 claims for payment

September 11, 2015:  Deadline for final resolution of any needed claim corrections

October 9, 2015:  Final date that schools will receive payments for claims submitted by the above dates. 

Please ensure all amounts owed to your school are received by this date as no FY15 payments will be made beyond October 9, 2015.

Thank you for your assistance in our fiscal year end process.  If there are questions, please contact Janet Cooper ( or Josh Miller (



FY16 Perkins Information Coming Soon


As we continue working to finalize information for the FY16 Perkins application processes and funding year, be looking very soon in upcoming Perkins Blog posts for the following:
  • Funding Amounts (Last year's Allocation & Options notices were mailed the week June 9, 2014, so even though we're about even with last year, we're still a little behind previous years.)
  • Workshop Dates/Locations (east, west, and online)
  • Due dates for FY16 Applications and Claims
  • Definitions for
    • Program of Study
    • Size, Scope, and Quality
  • Pre-Application Questions for
    • Strategies for Improvement section
    • Size, Scope, and Quality
  •  Onsite Monitoring Plan outline

Remember to pass this information along to your local district staff involved with Perkins funding, and encourage them to sign up for the Perkins Blog email notices as well.



Status of FY 15 Perkins Budgets as of 5/4/15

FY15 Perkins Budgets: Missing Pieces and More...

Please take a few moments and check the status list below.  It includes schools with Impact budgets not finalized and schools with no claims filed to date.

Below is the link to the online Impact system.  Use the "Forgot my password" link in the log in box if you need a new password (either forgotten or expired).

FY15 approval letters included a due date of December 1, 2014 for filing the first claim unless a different date was specified in the letter or negotiated with our office.

As of May 4, 2015, approximately 62% of the Perkins funds were yet unclaimed.  Delays in local submission of claims is a measure that federal funding agencies sometimes use to determine the needs for future funding. 

All recipients, please claim as much of your FY15 funding as possible by June 1, 2015.  Josh's helpful tutorial videos are available in the menu box once you are logged in to Impact.

As always, please contact Janet or Josh if you have any questions or need technical assistance.



Status of Claims as of 5/4/15

Making a list, checking it twice (or more)....


Please check the list below and make sure you or the appropriate local staff person takes the necessary action as soon as possible.  

Remember, in the FLA office we are bound by due dates and deadlines that keep all financial processes here moving smoothly.

As always, if you have any questions please contact Josh or Janet for assistance.




"I love deadlines.  I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by."  --Douglas Adams



The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education will soon transition to a new online data system.  The Impact processes we use for Perkins budgets and claims will be included in the first round of transitions. 

(1)    JUNE 1, 2015: We strongly encourage all Perkins local coordinators, finance staff, and superintendent/president/designee staff to finalize your budgets, revisions, and claims in Impact PRIOR TO this date.

(2)    Fiscal Agent districts for coops and consortia – please share this Blog with your partner schools, if applicable, about the importance of their timely expenditures of funds as well as timely invoicing to you so you are able to meet these deadlines.  There will be no exceptions to these deadlines.

(3)    AUGUST 1, 2015:  Please also be aware that this date will STILL be enforced for all local approvals of technology center, comprehensive school, and college/university FY15 FINAL claims…but you may be working from the new online system instead of Impact.

(4)    There are still quite a few budgets not yet finalized and claims not yet filed.  Please take a moment to log in to Impact today and check the status of your FY15 activities.    For those who have already done so, thank you very much! 

Click here for the link to Impact.  Forgot your password (or maybe it’s expired)? Click on the “Forgot my password” link right under the log in area and a temporary password will be emailed to you.

Additional News:  The Gateway to Technology Supplemental Grants have been reopened for applicants and will be due June 1, 2015.


If there are questions, please contact Janet or Josh and they will be happy to assist you.



Time is what prevents everything from happening at once. ~John Archibald Wheeler

The end of FY15 will be here before long and we just want to provide you with some timely reminders.

Budgets, Revisions, and Claims
Final claims for reimbursement MUST BE in the Impact system no later than August 1, 2015 or the claim WILL NOT BE PAID. There will be no exceptions this year.
  • Equipment purchase budget revisions closed March 15, 2015.
  • Non-salary purchases closed April 1, 2015. 
  • Budget revisions for cost adjustments are allowed until the final claim is submitted.
  • Not all types of equipment are allowed with these funds. We will not reimburse for basic program purchases or consumable items.
  • Copies of paid invoices for equipment or other purchases in the amount of $250 or more are required with each claim for reimbursement and MUST be uploaded in the Impact system with each claim.
  • When submitting claims for reimbursed expenditures made by consortium or coop partners, include those participants’ accounting reports with the claim, along with invoices where required.
  • REMINDER: As noted in the approval letters, partner districts should use a project code other than 421, 422, or 423 for their Perkins expenditures.
  • For secondary school districts and technology centers, the coding on computerized accounting reports and the Impact budget must match. 
  • For collegiate recipients, mark or highlight on the accounting report which line items match the Impact system.
  • Check all documents BEFORE beginning a Request for Reimbursement and submit a Change Request if necessary. 
Missing documents will result in the claim being REJECTED and a delay in payment.

Reports…are you on one?

Below you will find Impact reports for budgets and claims that need further action or approval at the local level in order to be processed in our office.  Please click on each report (click again to enlarge) and take appropriate action in Impact immediately where necessary.

Please contact the Federal Legislation Assistance Division if you need assistance with determining the required action.  Remember that our helpful online tutorials are also accessible from the Impact menu.

Finally, it is the FISCAL AGENT’S responsibility to ensure all requests for reimbursement are submitted with correct documentation is correct, and any corrective action needed is complete.  Please log in to Impact, click on VIEW ALL GRANTS, and check the status of grants, budgets, revisions, and reimbursements to ensure your grants are closed out smoothly.

As always if there is anything we can do to assist please let us know.