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So whats the latest!

  • FY14 Fiscal year is closed all payments have been made to all schools who met the August 15th deadline to claim.
  • FY16 GATEWAY TO TECHNOLOGY Supplemental Grant proposals are due January 31, you can get the FY16 RFP by following this link:  FY16 Gateway to Technology RFP
  • The Federal Monitoring Review is complete!
  • FY15 Approval letters are out for all applications that have been fully reviewed.  IF you have received your approval letter, check your Specific Comments section to see if there are any revisions required, and please note all due dates for FY15.
  • Impact budgets have been activated UNLESS your grant required a revision, Impact will only be activated when all conditions of approval have been met.
  • If no revisions are required on your grant; CLAIMS should be submitted by now.  Please strive to have at least one claim requested by January 31.
The more claims we pay prior to March 2015 the faster you’ll receive final payments at the end of the school year!

Impact only works if everyone does their part, so log in now (Impact Link) and check the status of your budgets, claims and revisions!  Need help in Impact?  Click here for the tutorials and other resources!

Who Do I Contact for Technical Assistance?

With the organizational changes that have occurred at the agency the Federal Legislation Division would like to update you on your contact points for the coming fiscal year.
  •  For a up to date list on FLA contacts please follow the link below, for school list and associated FLA representative.

Did You Know…?
This year we’re seeing less intentional connectivity in the SECONDARY applications to their technology centers.  Remember that in order to be in compliance with the requirements of Perkins funding, the program of study (not the same as a plan of study) should include courses that lead a student to a credential, licensure, certificate, or degree.   Continued emphasis will be placed on this requirement in FY16, partnerships between secondary, tech centers, and community colleges need to be clear and intentional if planning to request funding in FY16.

Did You Know…?
Special Populations (secondary and postsecondary) are not just academically disadvantaged (special education)?  Here are the categories as included in the Perkins legislation: 
  • individuals with disabilities; 
  • individuals from economically disadvantaged families, including foster children; 
  • individuals preparing for nontraditional fields; 
  • single parents, including single pregnant women; 
  • displaced homemakers; and 
  • individuals with limited English proficiency

Enjoy the holidays and time spent with family and friends…



FY15 Carl Perkins Application Update

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.
--Dalai Lama


The end of summer always seems to be the most hectic time of year in the business of education, for Carl Perkins there is always the traffic jam of closing out one fiscal years' claims while working to approve the next years' applications.

This year there is another addition our puzzle of time management, a federal monitoring visit focused on the state's Perkins initiative.  The following time line is what the Federal Legislation office is working toward achieving over the next 5- 6 weeks:


        August 18 - September 5:  Closing out FY14 claims

  September 8 - September 19:  Federal Monitoring Visit Preparation

September 22 - September 26:  Federal Monitoring Visit

      September 29 - October 3:  Federal Monitoring Visit Review


With the schedule above set in stone, the earliest that the Federal Legislation Assistance Division will get to approving any FY15 Carl Perkins Applications is October 6th.  We realize that this is a later date than you are accustom to so if you have any questions please give us a call.

As in years past if you are continuing to fund a salaried position those expenditures are pre-approved.

We apologize for any delay this may cause and we appreciate your patience in this matter.

As always if we can be of any assistance please let us know!





"I always wondered why somebody doesn't do something about that. Then I realized I was somebody." – Lily Tomlin

We’re working hard to close out FY14 and get FY15 approvals underway, so this will be your second and last reminder that the claim deadline for FY14 is August 15th 2014.  

No claims will be paid after that date for any reason, we can't stress this enough there will be no exceptions made for claims for reimbursement requested after the deadline.

Below you will find a link to a PDF document that lists all Perkins recipients that have not filed any claims for FY14.  Please look this document over to ensure your school is not on this list.

This next link is a PDF document showing all Fiscal agents with pending requests for reimbursement that need further approval or revisions and approvals in order to be processed and paid.  Please look over this document to ensure your school is not listed, if it is and you need assistance with determining the action required please contact the Federal Legislation Assistance Division for help.

Finally it is the FISCAL AGENTS responsiblity to ensure all requests for reimbursement are submitted, documentation is correct, and any corrective action needed is attended to.  Please log in to Impact, click on VIEW ALL GRANTS, and check the status of grants, budgets, revisions, and reimbursements to ensure your grants are closed out smoothly. 

To close with some news:

Jeremy Zweiacker has transitioned to a new position with the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education we wish him the best in his new role!  If  Jeremy was your contact point within the Federal Legislation Assistance Division your new contact will be Josh Miller as he has taken over Jeremy's responsibilities within the Federal Legislation Assistance Division.

As always if there is anything we can do to assist please let us know,



FY14 Final Claim Deadline Notification


Please be aware that the following timelines will be enforced for the submission of technology center, comprehensive school, and college/university FY-14 claims for payment:

·        August 15, 2014: Drop-dead date for submission of FY-14 claims for payment
·        September 12, 2014:  Deadline for final resolution of any needed claim corrections
·        October 10, 2014:  Final date that all payments should be received by schools for claims submitted by above dates.  Please ensure all amounts owed to your school are received by this date as no FY-14 payments will be made beyond October 10, 2014.

Thank you for your assistance in our fiscal year end process.  If there are questions, please contact
Janet or Josh and they will be happy to assist you.