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Perkins 9/30/15 Webinar Audio Is Now Available

The AUDIO only portion of our September 30, 2015 Perkins Technical Assistance Webinar is now online and available for listening.

The link is titled SEPTEMBER WEBINAR on our RESOURCES page at

At this time we do not anticipate being able to synch with the video portion.  We hope to have this worked out for additional webinars offered this year.



FY16 Carl Perkins Application PROGRAM OF STUDY Technical Assistance Webinar

The Carl Perkins Program of Study Technical Assistance Online Workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, September 30, 2015, at 2:30 p.m.

Accessing this Perkins workshop through AT&T Web Meeting is a two-part process. The first part connects you to the meeting via the Internet. The second part connects you to the meeting via telephone.


NOTE: The first time you use the Web Meeting Service you will need to download the client software. Web Meeting HELP and Software Downloads can be found at: You may also need to temporarily allow Pop-ups.

Once the software download is complete, login to the Web Meeting. (You may need to return to the web site if you performed the download at an earlier web session.)

Enter the MEETING NUMBER  8773361831
Enter the CODE  2623584
Enter your own email address
Enter your name OR the name of your school / institution
Click the SUBMIT button

At the next screen, click on the PARTICIPANT button. (You may need to wait while the Meeting Manager software prepares the session.)


Connect to the Audio Conference portion of the Web Meeting by calling 1-877-336-1831

Enter the access code 2623584#

The Conference Host is Janet Cooper

If you call before the host joins in, you may hear music until the host joins the meeting.

Please plan to connect to the meeting about 5 – 7 minutes (not 20-30) before 2:30pm.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

Janet Cooper
Josh Miller
Jeremy Zweiacker


FY16 Perkins Application Due Date

Just a reminder, the due date for the FY16 Perkins Application is October 8, 2015.

As long as it's emailed to no later than any time on October 8, we can review the application.

Following the review we will either (1) approve or (2) reject for corrections which will be due 2 weeks after the rejection.

Please pass this along to your local staff completing the application, and recommend they sign up for the emails from our Perkins Blog





Got Questions?

If you've started working on your FY16 Perkins Application then you probably have questions.

We want to take some time to specifically go over the components and requirements of the Program of Study section, so mark your calendars for WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2015 at 2:30pm.

We'll send another notice soon with specifics for accessing the meeting online.  

Please share this email with your local staff who may need to attend, and ask them to sign up for the Perkins Blog at
  • Remember, the application may take longer to complete this year, and the due date is October 8, 2015.



FY16 Perkins Resources

ICYMI (in case you missed it...) our Perkins web page is packed with a number of resources to assist you with completing the FY16 application DUE OCTOBER 8, 2015
On our page you can find… 
  • FY16 Perkins Application (Excel spreadsheet) (links are also inside the spreadsheet on lines 24-25 and 56-57)
  • Use of Funds Guidebook
  • Individual Career Plan Template
  • Example Individual Career Plan
  • Strategies for Improvement pre-application document
  • Program of Study pre-application document
  • July Workshop video (Stillwater)
  • PowerPoint handout from the July workshops
 Coming soon to the Perkins Blog... 
  • Documenting evidence of intentional secondary / postsecondary partnerships
  • Budgets and OCAS coding
  • FFATA ("fa-FAH-tah")
  • State and Local Adjusted Levels of Performance
  • FLA Staff News
  • Applications, Claims, and Revisions: Due Dates / Response Dates
We will use the Perkins Blog as our main resource for group communication and announcements this year.  Please take a moment make sure staff related to Perkins funds and activities (including school administrators and financial staff) are also signed up for the Perkins Blog.  Ask them to enter their email address via this link:

As always, contact us with any questions!

Janet Cooper
Phone: 405.743.5130

Josh Miller
Phone: 405.743.5401

Jeremy Zweiacker
Phone: 405.743.6881


The Perkins Workshop is now available online!

The video from our July 13, 2015 Perkins Workshop for FY16 funding is NOW available online!

Visit our webpage and scroll down to CARL PERKINS JULY WORKSHOP VIDEO

You can also find links to the FY16 Perkins Application as well as other valuable resources.


A chance for some financial help with Continuing Education!!

Are you an instructor seeking that teaching certificate, or a Health instructor seeking a Masters Degree? 

How about a full time CareerTech staff member seeking an administrator certification?

If you are planning on working towards one of these continuing education goals then the ODCTE Lottery Scholarship is designed just for you!!

Follow the link below to fill out the FY16 Fall Lottery Scholarship application.

FY16 Fall Lottery Scholarship Application

Good Luck!

For questions concerning the lottery application please contact Alice Rushmore at ODCTE, her email address is