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FY17 Perkins Application and CTIMS

The due date for the FY17 Perkins application is approaching.

You've watched the video tutorials.

You've done your CTIMS user authentication.

You're still having a few access problems?  Here are some reminders and tips:

FIRST...make sure you're ONLY using Internet Explorer, version 11 or above.   Not sure of your version?  In the top right corner of the screen, click on the gear icon (TOOLS), then select About Internet Explorer.  If your version is anything less than version 11, ask your IT staff to assist you with an upgrade.

SECOND...if you're already using Internet Explorer but are still having access problems, delete your browser history.  In the top right corner of the screen, click on the gear icon (TOOLS), then click on Internet Options.  On the options screen, find the Browsing History area and click on DELETE.  Make sure the following items are checked and then click the Delete button there:
  • Preserve Favorites website data
  • Temporary Internet files and website files
  • Cookie and website data
  • History
  • Form data
Once you are logged in, make very sure you select the CORRECT response in the PROGRAM INITIATIVE drop down box. 
  • A Secondary High School CONSORTIUM must use FLA-CPHSS-423 - CARL PERKINS HIGH SCHOOL SECONDARY - 423
  • A Secondary Tech Center COOP must use FLA-CPTCS-423 - CARL PERKINS TECH CENTER SECONDARY - 423
If the PROGRAM INITIATIVE code is incorrect the application will need to be created again using FLA New Worksheet.

As always, please contact us if we can assist you in any way, and include your school name in the subject line.


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