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CTIMS Tips 2.0

A few things happening on the way to the due date... 

Funding updated in CTIMS

Updated totals for secondary and postsecondary consortia, technology center coops, and those recipients who are new in FY17 are now updated in CTIMS.  All secondary, postsecondary, and technology centers using the funds alone were already updated.  Please let the Perkins Admin staff know if you find a discrepancy in your funding amount.

Contacting the Perkins Admin staff via email 

Please include the name of your school / institution in your email subject line.

Speaking of email

This time of year the Perkins staff receives 2-3 phone calls for every 1 call assisting another recipient. Email is a great way to contact us, and provides the responses to your questions in writing should you need to reference them again. 

Accessing CTIMS through the correct browser

Not Chrome.  Not Edge.  Not Safari, or AOL, Netscape, Firefox, Sea Monkey, or Opera.  Use Internet Explorer version 11 or higher ONLY.

Watching the online tutorials

The full webinar from August 11 is available online.  It’s 70 minutes but you can always fast forward past the information you already know.  Click HERE to access the webinar.

Accessing the Local Performance Data Guidebook

The Guidebook provides you with background information and assistance with how to interpret your local performance data. 

NOTE: We made an update to the Tech Center Adult (postsecondary) worksheet for the FY14 Local Actual Completion data.  The corrected version should be available sometime on Monday, August 29, 2016.

Using MANAGE instead of NEW when returning to your worksheet

If your application is blank but you know you hit Save & Next, check to make sure you're accessing the right worksheet.  Some users have more than one after selecting NEW when returning to their previous work.  We will clear out the blank worksheets once the due date has passed.
As mentioned in the last Perkins Blog, select the correct PROGRAM INITIATIVE (421, 422, 423) that matches your site type (comprehensive schools, tech centers, postsecondary) when creating your worksheet.
  • If you accidentally used an incorrect PROGRAM INITIATIVE, you will need to resubmit the entire application under the correct PROGRAM INITIATIVE during the revisions phase of the application approval, but you are welcome to resubmit the corrected version by August 31. We unable to make that correction for you. 
  • Some users have more than one role, and not all roles have the same privileges. Choose the correct user role from the drop down list, top right corner under your greeting/email address, when accessing your worksheets.

Using the print feature

  • Click on Worksheet Summary at the top of your worksheet.
  • Click on the diskette (save) icon and choose the method you prefer for the document.  (The Word option provides a good, editable format that you can save to your computer.)

Getting ready to submit the application by 11:59:59pm on August 31

Each application must be approved by the Local Coordinator, the Local Finance person, and the Local Superintendent/President to be considered for review.  Please make sure the next person in the approval sequence has completed their CTIMS user authentication process, and let us know if assistance is needed.

As always, please contact us if we can assist you in any way.



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