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With Blazing Speed....

Where did September go?

I recall being told as a child that time flies, of course I thought they were fibbing! Alas sometimes the truth hurts, because time flies like the Concorde of old.

So with super sonic speed in mind here is the run down of the happenings with c.p!

  • GateWay to Technology supplemental grant applications are due to ODCTE by October 15th 2010. For more information on the application process please give our Technology Engineering Division a call and speak with Kevin Terronez, Dawn Frank, or Lynn Hawkins. 405-377-2000
  • The Contract and Debarment forms have not been sent to schools as of 9/28/10. We will be posting these on the Federal Legislation division website located at The forms will be posted by October 6th, 2010. The contracts will be organized alphabetically according to school name, and will contain the Contract, Assurances form, and Debarment. We ask that you download the contract (pdf) and sign and return the forms within the file.
  • IMPACT has offically completed and is nearing the end of internal testing. Look for an announcement on training dates as early as next week. We ask that schools hold any claims (if fiscally possible) until the IMPACT system is fully functional.
I am sure that I have forgotten something but that is the list for now, as always if you need anything please don't hesitate to call.



  1. I found all the public school contracts, but do the tech centers have a place to pull the debarment form, etc.?

  2. Hi Pam, we don't require the Technology Centers to file the debarment form.