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Carl Perkins and CTIMS

Top Ten things you're likely to hear from the Perkins Team offices this time of year...

  1. Are you logged into Internet Explorer?  Not Chrome, or Edge, or Firefox.  Just IE.
  2. Are you in the correct CTIMS role?  (some users have more than one)
  3. Have you deleted your browser history and cookies lately?
  4. Try logging out and logging back in after you delete the browser history and cookies.
  5. You may need to click on the Submit for Approval button.
  6. Do you have a Budget Adjustment in process in the Agreement section?
  7. Did you include a note (initials, date, etc) in the justification section of the Budget Adjustment?
  8. You may need to re-select the Acknowledgements to make sure they are activated.
  9. Did you include the vendor invoices and accounting reports with your Invoice for reimbursement?
  10. You are very welcome!  Let us know if you need more help!

CTIMS Users Guide 

If you haven't had a chance to access our CTIMS Users Guide, click click this link!

Reminders for upcoming due dates...

  • The FY18 Perkins Application Worksheet section, including all the required attachments, is due on June 30, 2017 no later than 11:59:59pm 

  • The final date to submit FY17 Perkins Invoices for reimbursement is August 1, 2017.  

Before starting an Invoice:

  • Make sure there is enough funding in the budget line items to cover the amounts being claimed.  It is much, much easier to create a Budget Adjustment BEFORE an Invoice locks down the amounts in the budget section of the Agreement.
  • Make sure the accounting codes in CTIMS match the accounting codes in your financial reports. 

As always, please contact us if we can be of any assistance.

  • Northeast quarter:
  • Southeast quarter:
  • West of I-35:  
  • Admin Support:

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