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Welcome to the FY16 Perkins Application in Excel Format!

The FY16 Perkins Application access is here! 

The following information was emailed to individuals currently in our Perkins address list.  Look for additional FY16 information in the Perkins Blog over the next few weeks.

Available: August 27, 2015
Due: October 8, 2015

This application was created through a combined effort with the project contractors using dropdown lists and spreadsheet cells.

Click on (or copy and paste to your browser) the link to the application and save the spreadsheet to your computer. 

A.    GETTING STARTED (rows 1-21)
There are three tabs at the bottom:  Worksheet Info, Budget Info, and Acknowledge Info.

On the Worksheet and Budget pages, be sure to use the dropdown boxes to choose the project status (stand-alone, coop, consortium), the school name (fiscal agent school/institution), and the type of project: High School or Tech Center secondary (421 or 423) or Postsecondary (422).

Complete ALL the Compliance Acknowledgements.  Each one is linked to their respective documents for your review.  You then will need to select Yes or No from the drop down list for each respective document.  Selecting No to one of these acknowledgements will result in a rejected application.

Complete ALL the FFATA information.  The application will be rejected if this is incomplete.

B.    Special Populations Self-Assessment Rubric
Select one or more (two is recommended) evaluation rubrics to assist with meeting the needs of special populations students.  The ODCTE will also complete evaluation rubrics based on the need indicated by the local evaluations.  You will submit the rubric(s) as part of the total application.

C.    Strategies for Improvement (rows 30-44)
EACH area must be thoroughly completed with narrative.

D.    Program of Study (rows 46-57)
EACH area must be thoroughly completed.  The link to the Individual Career Plan template is in row 57.  This link will begin downloading the Individual career plan worksheet.  Save the document to your computer and update according to your plans.  You will email this document along with your application.  You will submit at least ONE Individual Career Plan as part of the total application.  You must complete both the secondary course outline and the post-secondary course outline; if one or the other is missing the application will be rejected.

E.    Budget Narrative (rows 59-69)
Thoroughly complete each area where you will use FY16 Perkins funds.  Use the link to the Use of Funds Guidebook to assure you select the correct categories for funding.  You do not need to use OCAS or other coding in this section.

F.    Self-Evaluation (rows 71-92)
Thoroughly complete each area in this section.  Please provide narrative on how funds were used beyond a description of the funds.  Your narrative in this section should align to the application you submitted for your FY15 use of funds.  This information is also used to determine future onsite monitoring reviews and included in the risk-based monitoring assessment.

G.    Consortium or Coop Schools (rows 96-124)
You will only complete this section if you are the fiscal agent of a cooperative or consortium of Perkins eligible recipients.  Select each member of your consortium or coop from the dropdown lists on each line.  Disregard the Consortium / Code cell.  ODCTE will assign those codes upon completion and approval of the application.  (The entries displayed are examples only; choose your members starting with the first line.)

Enter all the required district information exactly as it was entered on the WORKSHEET INFO page

Each line item for your budget contains areas for narrative information as well as OCAS coding.  Scroll to the right to complete all the required Program, Function, and Object code fields from the dropdown boxes.

The Line Item Total field calculates the total amount of the line; in almost all instances you should be using the “Each-Cost Per Each” unit type to enter costs per number of items.  As always, you can use a unit of 1 and then a Unit Cost that reflects the total of the purchase (ex:  10 iPads  4000.00) 

  • The first two lines are examples only and should be cleared out and filled with your own information.  There are 160 lines available in this budget.
To submit your FY16 Perkins Application, you must send the following document via email to
  1. The completed Application Worksheet  (Excel document)
  2. At least ONE Individual Career Plan Worksheet (found in the Program of Study section)
  3. The Special Populations Self-Assessment Rubric(s)
  4.  Proof showing intentional Secondary to Post-secondary partnership.
  5. Include in the body of the email the name, telephone number, and email address for EACH of the following: 
a.    Local Perkins Coordinator 
b.    Local Finance Coordinator 
c.    Local Superintendent / President

Contact us with any questions!

Janet Cooper
Phone: 405.743.5130

Josh Miller
Phone: 405.743.5401

Jeremy Zweiacker
Phone: 405.743.5881


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