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Molding the Application:

After many conversations over the past week with the field and internal state staff, we have made some changes to the Pathway to CTE Concentration section of the FY15 Carl Perkins application.  We hope that these changes will clarify what we would like to see for you all in respect to this part of the application.

IF you have already completed this section DO NOT REDO ANY WORK.  We did not change any of the fields contained within the section only the wording of the directions.

We believe that these clarifications will help to complete this portion of the application.

Here's the link for easy access to the application!

FY15 Carl Perkins Application:

Throwing a wide net:

For those eligible Perkins recipients that spend their funding on broad, large reach type initiatives such as Career Guidance and Academic Readiness in the Pathway to CTE Concentration section of the FY15 Application you will need to show us a representative sample of Pathways to Concentration.  We would expect to see no less than five examples for approval of guidance and academic readiness or other similar activities.  For comprehensive schools with less than five CTE area's show all of your approved program areas in the application.

Notice, Notice, Notice:

Allocation and Options Notifications will mailed the week of June 9th.  We appreciate your patience as we work to close out FY14 and open FY15.  You can find your secondary allocation at the link below:

Allocation Website:

As always if you need any assistance please email or call.


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