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The Evolving Status of Federal Carl Perkins Funds

The following is some information we want to share regarding Perkins funding in this FY12 school year.

In the current federal budget, a number of funded projects are operating under the extended continuing resolution. At the national level, the Association for Career and Technical Education is alerting states that Perkins funding could be cut as much as 1.5% in THIS CURRENT SPENDING YEAR (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012).

What does this mean for Oklahoma's Perkins recipients? At this time we're asking you to withhold the spending of approximately 1.5% of your total Perkins budget(s) - secondary, postsecondary, and supplemental - grants in the event the current year funds are actually cut. Decisions should be made at your own local level as to how the loss of those funds, if any, will be handled.

(Note to Technology Centers and Colleges: Tech Prep is not affected by this cut as the final FY12 projects are supported by Tech Prep carry-over funds.)

For FY12 Requests for Reimbursement, the FLA staff will reimburse up to 98.5% of the fiscal agent's total budget until the federal budget issues concerning Perkins are resolved.

If the federal cuts to Perkins are enacted, the ODCTE will work with Perkins fiscal agents to adjust all budgets in the Impact system.

If the cuts are not enacted, then all fiscal agents can proceed with expending funds up to the full budget amount.

We will keep you posted regarding the status of our FY12 funds. As always, please contact us if you have questions or concerns.


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