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Closing One to Open a Second!

As of September 30, 2011 Carl has one claim left to pay within the Impact system and we anticipate that FY11 claim processing will be complete by October 3, 2011. Once Carl has reimbursed all that has been claimed Janet and Josh can immediately start to look at local applications for Carl Perkins funding for fiscal year 2012.

The FLA office is now reviewing applications for FY12 Perkins funding. We will contact eligible recipients who have incomplete applications by email. Required corrections will require a timely response, and pre-approval on purchases listed below is suspended until the application is complete.

The following is a pre-approved NON-PROGRAM / COURSE SPECIFIC list for regular FY12 Perkins funding. Items on this list ARE ALLOWED FOR PURCHASE NOW, prior to the official approval letter.

  • Laptop and desktop computers and related equipment (printers, scanners, etc.)

  • Digital camera and video items, and related accessories

  • Classroom performance systems

  • iPads (classroom sets only)

  • Smartboards

  • Equipment and modules for Gateway To Technology programs

  • Software related to pre-approved equipment purchases

  • Software related to guidance, career awareness, and CareerTech courses

Purchases that are SPECIFIC to programs / courses (i.e., cannot be used in any other program / course) must wait for the full application review and approval.

As always if there is anything we can do to assist please let us know.


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