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A Reminder to all Busy Bees

Can you believe it’s December already?!

To all users, our IT staff recommends using Mozilla Firefox as the browser instead of Internet Explorer, especially if you need to enter information in the “Note” section of the budgets, change requests, and claims.

The link to this FREE browser is

To funding recipients who have not yet set up their project budgets (regular Perkins, supplemental Perkins, Tech Prep, HSTW, and TCTW) in the new online IMPACT system, the FLA staff is sending another reminder to please take the time and enter those budgets into Impact.

• To log in, go to

All contact persons (project, finance, and administration) who were listed in the FY11 applications were provided with a login and password for the IMPACT system via email during the first week of October 2010.

• After logging in, we recommend viewing the demonstration video before setting up your budget.

Getting your budget set up in the IMPACT system doesn’t guarantee that Cyber-Monday shopping orders will arrive on time.

However, it does guarantee LESS STRESS when it comes time for your finance staff to file those claims for reimbursement, and marking things off the to-do list is a great way to go into the holidays!

Remember….no claims can be paid until an approved budget has been input into the IMPACT system.

As always if you need anything we are only a phone call away...


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