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The season of Applications!

"Today's problems cannot be solved if we still think the way we thought when we created them."
--Albert Einstein

The time I'm sure all of you have been waiting for has arrived! The office of Federal Legislation Assistance would like to announce that the 2011 Carl Perkins Application is now online for your completion!

The Allocation amounts will be posted early tomorrow for you to see the exact amount of funding for your school.

All you have to do is find your PIN from last years application to begin completing the details for the 2011 fiscal year project. If you are unlucky enough to have lost, misplaced or forgot the PIN used for last years application, well..... we can help with that too, just give us a call or email, and we will promptly provide you with that pin.

Click to Access 2011 Carl Perkins Application

In other news the Carl Perkins Supplemental Grants are also available for those who wish to apply. To learn more information on the categories for this year's supplemental funds please follow the link provided below.

Click to Access the 2011 Supplemental Applications Page

As always we encourage you to call or email with any questions you may have we are happy to help with any questions you may have.


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