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Staying a Step ahead of Fall

It’s hard to believe that it is already the middle of September…

We just thought that this would be a good time to cover a couple of common questions that we have been receiving from the schools, and to close up a few loose ends as we are working to close up fiscal year 09.


1. Is my school’s Carl Perkins Basic Application approved for fiscal year 2010?

The short answer is no, this means that schools are not to spend funds expecting Carl Perkins Reimbursement. The long answer is that we are diligently working to review all applications and hope to have the letters mailed to all schools by the end of the month. Once you receive your letter, which is your official notice that you have been approved, you may then request reimbursement for funds spent.

2. I made a mistake or need to change a portion of my budget narrative to include something left off, overlooked, unaware of, or any other numerous instances, is it too late?

The answer is…..No! It is not too late to do a budget narrative revision, to do this you will need to call the Federal Legislation Office, and talk with Janet or Josh. If you need to do this we need an explanation as to why, for auditing purpose and so that we know what it is you are planning to change, and if it is allowable.

The phone numbers of the FLA office are:

Janet Cooper: 405.743.5130 and Josh Miller: 405.743.5401

3. Is it Fall break yet?

No, sorry. Hang in there it is just a few weeks away!

Finally, claims for FY09… We are still working on a couple of claims that need more information to approve certain purchases. We are thinking of holding a webinar over claims in an effort to streamline the process and improve turnaround time. Do any of you have any suggestions or questions over claims that need to be addressed or answered?

As always if we can be any assistance let us know.


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  1. A webinar for submitting claims would be extremely helpful!