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Putting the Know in Innovation:

Welcome to the inaugural first post for the ODCTE Carl Perkins blog, your source for up to date information on the inner workings of the FLA office.

A hot topic for discussion within our division over the past month has been innovation, thinking way outside the box in an effort to more efficiently serve our schools, technology centers, and staff. Following the lead of ODCTE's Tech Prep coordinator we have established this blog, designed to give regular updates on the activities of the Carl Perkins team.

Hopefully as time progresses those of you who deal with the Carl Perkins process will use this blog as a news source, checking the details of the general process here in a central web location. It is our intent to use this in the coming years to give updates on official due dates for the application, as well as giving reminders of upcoming deadlines.

Wishful thinking hopes that in the future the grant writers, teachers, and administration would use this blog as a place to provide instant feedback on topics that are affecting the process. This would allow the FLA office as a whole to improve services to the educational system, speed up grant approval and encourage change to processes to improve them from year to year.

For now; welcome to the Carl Perkins Blog, bookmark it and check it often. You could be the first to feel the change in the air.


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